Upcoming 2018 Tour Dates

9/14/18 The Axe & Fiddle, Cottage Grove, OR

​9/15/18 7 Devils, Coos Bay, OR

9/20/18 Loowit Brewing, Vancouver, WA

9/21/18 Gard Vinters, Ellensberg, WA

9/22/18 Der Hinterhof, Leavenworth, WA

9/28/18 Hops on Tap, Tigard, OR

9/29/18 Portland Saturday Market, Main Stage, Portland, OR 11:30am - 1:30pm 

​9/29/18 Rusty Grape Vineyards, Battle Ground, WA 7pm - 9pm 

10/05/18 The Sound Lounge, Grants Pass, OR

10/06/18 Vagabond Brewing, Salem, OR

10/07/18 Junction City Concert Series,

Taylor House, Junction City, OR

10/13/18 The Riverside, Maupin, OR

10/19/18 Barley Browns, Baker City, OR

​10/20/18 Side A Brewing, Pendelton, OR

10/27/18 The Horse Radish, Carlton, OR

​10/28/18 The Loft, Leavenworth, WA

11/03/18 1859 Cider Co, Salem, OR

11/17/18 Calapooia Brewing, Albany, OR

11/24/18 Lauren Ashton Cellars, Woodinville, WA

11/25/18 The Loft Bar, Leavenworth, WA

11/30/18 Slopeswell Cider, Hood River, OR

12/01/18 Gard Vinters, Woodinville, WA

12/09/18 Seaside Brewing, Seaside, OR

​12/28/18 The Wilde Rover, Kirkland, WA


02/02/19 The Mission Theater, Portland, OR Folk Fest w/Fox & Bones (Band show!!)

​07/21/19 McMennamins Al's Den Residency

07/22/19 McMennamins Al's Den Residency

07/23/19 McMennamins Al's Den Residency

07/24/19 McMennamins Al's Den Residency

07/25/19 McMennamins Al's Den Residency

07/26/19 McMennamins Al's Den Residency

07/27/19 McMennamins Al's Den Residency

07/28/19 McMennamins Al's Den Residency

Past Tour Dates


1/05/18 Robin Hood, Union, WA
1/06/18 Robin Hood, Union , WA
1/12/18 Hunter House Concert, Tacoma, WA
1/13/18 Kestrel Vinters, Woodinville, WA
1/19/18 Calapooia Brewing, Albany, OR
1/20/18 Top Shelf Martini, Vancouver, WA

1/27/18 Vagabond Brewing, Salem, OR

2/02/18 Slopeswell Cider, Hood River, OR
2/03/18 Victory Club, Salem, OR
2/08/18 The Ship Tavern, Portland, OR
2/10/18 1859 Cider Co., Salem, OR

2/16/18 Barley Brown's, Baker City, OR

3/02/18 Brickhouse, Vancouver, WA
3/11/18 Seaside Brewing, Seaside, OR

3/23/18 Feckin Brewing, Oregon City, OR

3/24/18 The Taproot Lounge & Cafe, Salem, OR
3/31/18 Kestrel Vintners, Woodinville, WA
4/06/18 Hops On Tap, Tigard, OR
4/07/18 The Pitchwood, Raymond, WA
4/12/18 The Ship Tavern, Portland, OR
​4/13/18  Wilde Rover, Kirkland, WA
​4/14/18  Top Shelf Martinis, Vancouver, WA

4/18/18 Sam Bonds Garage, Eugene, OR
4/21/18 7 Devils Brewing, Coos Bay, OR
​4/22/18 House Concert, Junction City, OR

5/04/18 Slopeswell Cider, Hood River, OR
5/05/18 Buffalo Gap, PDX, OR
5/11/18 The Baren Haüs, Leavenworth, WA
5/12/18 The Baren Haüs, Leavenworth, WA
5/13/18 The Loft, Leavenworth, WA
5/18/18 Vagabond Brewing, Salem, OR
​5/19/18 The Horseradish, Carlton, OR
5/25/18 Uptown Pub, Port Townsend, WA
6/01/18 1859 Cider Co., Salem, OR

6/02/18 Icicle Brewing, Leavenworth, WA
​6/03/18 Dër Hinterhöff, Leavenworth, WA
​6/08/18 Wilderville Summer Concert Series, Wilderville, OR (opening for Ben Rice) 
6/08/18 The Sound Lounge, Grants Pass, OR
6/09/18 Clocktower Ales, The Dalles, OR
6/15/18 The Robin Hood, Union, WA
6/16/18 The Robin Hood, Union, WA
6/19/18 Spring House Cellars, Hood RIver, OR 
(opening for Tango Alpha Tango!)
​6/21/18 LoowitBrewing, Vancouver, WA
6/22/18 Wilde Rover, Kirkland, WA
6/23/18 Lauren Ashton Tasting Room, Woodinville, WA

​6/28/18 The Rusty Grape, Battleground, WA
6/29/18 Hunter House Concert, Tacoma, WA 
(w/Nick Carpenter of Medium Build)
6/30/18 Gard Vintners, Woodinville, WA 
7/06/18 Slopeswell Cider, Hood River, OR
​7/07/18 Cascade Peaks Campground, Randle, WA
​7/08/18 Black Dog, Snoqualmie, WA (11am - 1pm)
7/09/18 Brookside Market, Big Fork, MT 
7/11/18 Blacksmith Brewing, Stevensville, MT
7/12/18 The Rathskeller, Helena, MT
7/13/18 Moose River Bar & Grill, Seeley Lake, MT

7/14/18 Brookside Yard, Big Fork , MT
7/15/18 Draught Works, Missoula, MT
7/16/18 The Murray Bar, Livingston, MT 
​7/19/18 Mighty Mo Brewing, Great Falls, MT
​7/20/18 La Pa Grill, Helena, MT
​7/21/18 Kalispell Brewing, Kalispell, MT
7/22/18 Al's Den, Portland, OR  
7/24/18 Ecliptic Brewing, Portland, OR 
​7/29/18 Hama Hama Oysters, The Shell Pile, Lilliwaup, WA
​7/30/18 Summer Soundscapes Outdoor Concert,
Director Park, 815 SW Park Ave, Portland, OR 6:30-8pm
8/03/18 Private Party, Albany, OR
​8/04/18 Taproot Lounge & Cafe, Salem, OR
​8/05/18 Willipa Festival, Raymond, WA (3pm Main Stage)
8/10/18 The Silver Tip, Girdwood, AK
8/11/18 Koots, Anchorage, AK
8/12/18 The Boatel Bar, Fairbanks, AK
8/14/18 The Howling Dog, Fox, AK
8/15/18 The Howling Dog, Fox, AK
8/16/18 Malemute, Fairbanks, AK
8/17/18 Boatel bar, Fairbanks, AK 
(opening for Black Water Railroad Co.)
8/18/18 Eklutna Lake, Anchorage, AK
8/19/18 Fairview Inn, Talkeetna, AK 

8/20/18 Koots, Anchorage, AK

8/21/18 Koots, Anchorage, AK

8/24/18 The Yukon, Seward, AK 
(opening for Medium Build)

8/25/18 The Yukon, Seward, AK
(opening for Medium Build)

8/31/18 The Brickhouse, Vancouver, WA
9/02/18 Walking Man Brewing, Hood River, OR
9/03/18 Firkin Tavern, Portland, OR
​9/05/18 Seaside Farmers Mkt, Seaside, OR
9/07/18 Taproot Lounge & Cafe, Salem, OR 
9/08/18 Hanson House Concert, Salem , OR (Private) 
​9/09/18 Al's Den, PDX, OR


1/05/17 Firkin Tavern, Portland, OR w/ Laryssa Birdseye
1/20/17 Icicle Brewing, Leavenworth, WA
1/21/17 House Concert, Salem, OR
1/26/17 Tryst, Portland, OR 
1/27/17 Starday Tavern, POrtland, OR w/ Gin & Tillyanna
​1/28/17 Calapooia Brewing, Albany, OR 
2/3/17 Vagabond Brewing, Salem, OR 
2/4/17 Taproot Cafe & Lounge, Salem, OR
2/18/17 McMenamins Al's Den, Portland, OR w/Paul Mauerhaus
2/24/17 7 Devils Brewing, Coos Bay, OR Heavy Mellow Release &
European Tour Send Off - w/Exclusive 7 Devils Heavy Mellow Beer!!!
2/25/17 Firkin Tavern, Portland, OR Heavy Mellow Release &
European Tour Send Off - w/Exclusive 7 Devils Heavy Mellow Beer!!!
2/26/17 The Fox House, House Concert, Hood River, OR 


3.03.17 Club GLAM | Feldbach - Austria
4.03.17 Böllerbauer | Haag - Austria
5.03.17 Gleis Süd | Horb Am Neckar - Germany
7.03.17 Cube | Düsseldorf - Germany
8.03.17 Ä | Berlin - Germany
9.03.17 Spatz & Wal | Unna - Germany
10.03.17 Rösslstube | Dresden - Germany
11.03.17 Cafe Klatsch | Wiesbaden - Germany
12.03.17 Hafen 2 | Offenbach - Germany
13.03.17 Inspire | Chemnitz - Germany
15.03.17 Marias Ballroom | Hamburg - Germany
16.03.17 Hansa 48 | Kiel - Germany
17.03.17 Grammatikoff | Duisburg - Germany
18.03.17 Panoptikum | Essen - Germany
21.03.17 Gokul | Zabok -  Croatia
25.03.17 Gwölb | Pöllau, Steiermark - Austria
26.03.17 Lendhafen Cafe | Klagenfurt  - Austria

3/31 Vagabond Brewing, Salem OR 8:30pm
4/01 Taproot Cafe & Lounge, Salem, OR 8pm​​​
4/13 The Ship Tavern, PDX, OR 8:30pm 
4/15 PDX Farmers Market @ PSU, 12:15pm 
4/21/17  The Fremont Theater​, Portland, OR 
OPEN MARRIAGE  album release party!
BAND SHOW!!! w/ Scott Garred (Super XX Man)  
4/23 Seaside Brewing, Seaside, OR
4/29 Pitchwood, Raymond, WA (Band Show!)
5/6 The Still, Albany, OR 8pm 
5/12 Jade Lounge, Songwriter Circle w/ Amy Bleu & Anni Vergnetti 
5/18 7 Devils, Coos Bay, OR (Band show)
5/19 The Haul, Grants Pass, OR  (Band Show!!)
5/20 Taproot Cafe & Lounge, Salem, OR (Band show!!)
5/26 Bitter Monk, McMinnville, OR 8pm 
5/27 The Victory Club, Salem, OR 8pm 

6/3/17 Kells Brew Pub, Portland, OR (Band Show!) w/ Laryssa Birdseye
6/09/17  The Brickhouse, Vancouver, WA w/Part Time Perfect//Toads
6/10/17  Trillium Cafe, Hood River, OR
6/15/17  Al's Den, PDX, OR w/ KIZIK
6/16/17  Loowit Brewing, Vancouver, WA
6/28/17  Leisure Pub, PDX, OR

7/14/17 1859 Cider Co., Salem, OR
7/23/17 McMenamins Al's Den Residency, PDX - 
w/ Tara Velarde + Johnny Cooper
7/24/17 McMenamins Al's Den Residency, PDX - 
w/Nathan Trueb 
Sam Set - Special COLLAB w/ Hawkins Wright
7/25/17 McMenamins Al's Den Residency, PDX - 
w/Pretty Gritty 
7/26/17 McMenamins Al's Den Residency, PDX - 
w/ Taylor Kingman (Hill Dogs)

7/27/17 McMenamins Al's Den Residency, PDX - 
w/Cedar Teeth
7/28/17 McMenamins Al's Den Residency, PDX - 
w/ Fernando 
7/29/17 McMenamins Al's Den Residency - PDX - 
w/ Hammerhead

8/5/17 The Ship, PDX, w/ Amy Bleu
8/6/17 Willapa Bay Fest, Raymond, WA (Band Show!)
8/9/17 BUNK BAR, PDX w/ Monk Parker! (Band Show!)
8/12/17 Der Hinterhoff, Leavenworth, WA w/ Paul Mauer
8/13/17 Room Without A View, Monore, WA w/ Paul Mauer

​ALASKAN Summer Tour 2017!
8/18/17  Koots, Anchorage, AK
8/19/17  LIfetime Adventures Kayak Shop, Eklutna Lake, AK
8/20/17  The Boatel, Fairbanks, AK 4pm - 7pm 
8/21/17 Market Music, Fairbanks, AK 12 - 2pm
8/22/17 The Howling Dog Saloon, Fox, AK, 8pm 
8/23/17 The Howling Dog Saloon, Fox, AK 8pm 
8/24/17 The Malemute, Ester, AK 
8/26/17  Kharacters Alaskan Bar, Homer, AK
8/27/17  The Fairview Inn, Talkeetna, AK
8/29/17 House Concert, ANC, AK
8/30/17  House Concert, ANC,  AK
8/31/17 Rez Art Coffee House, Seward, AK
9/01/17  The Yukon, Seward, AK w/ Hannah Yoter
9/02/17  The Yukon, Seward, AK w/ Hannah Yoter
9/08/17 Icicle Brewing, Leavenworth, WA
9/09/17 The Ship Tavern, Portland, OR

9/14/17 Trusty Brewing Company, Vancouver , WA 7- 9pm 
9/15/17 Taproot Cafe and Lounge, Salem, OR (Band Show!)
9/16/17 7 Devils, Bay Area Fun Fest., Coos Bay, OR

9/20/17 The Wild Hare, Oregon City, OR 
9/22/17 Black Dog Lounge, Portland,  OR
9/23/17 Uptown Pub, Port Townsend, WA
9/29/17 1859 Cider Co., Salem, OR
9/30/17 River City Saloon, Hood River (Band Show!)

10/06/17 Trillium Cafe, Hood River, OR 
10/13/17 Clock Tower Ales, The Dalles, OR  (Band show)

10/15/17 Seaside Brewing, Seaside OR, 7:30pm
10/17/17 SpringHouse Cellars, Hood River, OR (Band Show)
10/19/17 Sam Bond's Garage, Eugene, OR
10/20/17 The Sound Lounge, Grants Pass, OR (Band Show)
10/21/17 The Taproot Cafe & Lounge, Salem, OR  (Band Show) 
10/22/17 House Concert, Albany, OR
10/27/17 Slopeswell Cider, Hood River, OR

11/04/17 Newberg Growler House, Newberg, OR 
11/03/17 1859 Cider Co., Salem, OR
11/10/17 The Brickhouse, Vancouver, WA
11/11/17 House Concert, Tacoma, WA

11/17/17 Bottle & Kitchen, Portland, OR
​11/21/17 Hyland Estates, Dundee, OR
11/24/17 Bottle & Kitchen, Portland, OR 
11/25/17 Loowit Brewing, Vancouver, WA
11/29/17 Leisure Pub, St Johns, OR
​12/01/17 The Bitter Monk, McMinville, OR
12/02/17 Slopeswell Cider, Hood River, OR

12/9/17 Newberg Growler House, Newberg, OR
12/15/17 1859 Cider Co., Salem, OR
​12/21/17 7 Devils Brewing, Coos Bay, OR

12/23/17 House Concert, Portland, OR

​4/6/16 House Show, Anchorage, AK
4/7/16 House Show, Anchorage, AK 
​4/8/16 The Fairview Inn, Talkeetna, AK 9pm 
4/9/16 The Marlin, Fairbanks, AK 9pm
4/10/16 The Boatel, Fairbanks, AK 4-7pm 
4/11/16 KOOTS, Anchorage, AK
4/12/16 House Show, Anchorage, AK
4/13/16 Sub Zero, Anchorage, AK
​4/14 /16 The Sea Bean Cafe (ALL AGES), Seward, AK 7pm
4/15/16 The Yukon, Seward, AK 9:00pm 
4/16/16 Alice's Champagne Palace, Homer, AK 9pm  
4/18/16 KOOTS, Anchorage, AK 9pm4/19/16 The Pioneer Bar, Anchorage, AK 6:30pm
4/20/16 House Show , Anchorage, AK
4/21/16 Roots Studio, Palmer, AK 
4/22 Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse, Anchorage, AK
4/23 The Taproot, Anchorage, AK 9pm5/14 Magnolias Wine Bar, Portland, OR (solo)
5/19 7 Devils Brewing, Coos Bay, OR
5/20 The Haul, Grants Pass, OR 

5/21 Ninkasi Brewing, Eugene, OR

​​6/9 The Valley, Tacoma, WA
6/10 The Baby Bar, Spokane, WA
6/11 The Brook Side, Big Fork, MT
6/15 The Rialto, Helena, MT 
6/16 Taco Del Sol, Helena, MT 
6/17 Tommy Knockers, Phillipsburg, MT 
​6/18 The Broken Spoke, Big Sky, MT 
6/21 Casey's Whitefish, Sky Bar, Whitefish, MT 6pm - 9pm 
6/22 The Checkerboard Bar, Spokane, WA
6/23 The Viking Bar, Spokane, WA 
6/24 Munchen Haus, Leavenworth, WA
6/25 Sirens, Port Townsend, WA 9pm 
6/26 House Show, Tacoma, WA

7/9 The O'Neill Pub, PDX, OR (SDDS!) 9:30pm 21+
​7/14 Thirsty Sasquatch, Vancouver, WA  (solo) 8:00pm 21+
7/16 Loowit Brewing, Vancouver, WA (solo) 7pm 21+
​7/20 Leisure Pub, PDX, OR (solo) 8pm 21+
​7/21 Vancouver Farmers Market, Vancouver, WA (solo) 3pm All Ages 
7/22 The Bitter Monk, McMinville, OR (solo) 8pm 21+
7/30 Skamania Lodge, Carson, WA (solo) 6pm ALL AGES

8/4 Firkin Tavern, PDX, OR (Mega Songwriter Blowout) (solo) 7pm 21+
8/6 Der Hintehoff, Leavenworth, WA (solo) 2pm ALL AGES
8/9 Thirsty Sasquatch, Vancouver, WA (solo) 8pm 21+
​8/11 The Ship Tavern, PDX, OR (solo) 8pm 21+
8/12 The Uptown Pub, Port Townsend, WA (solo)
8/13 The Alderbrook, Union, WA (solo)

8/18 The International Pop Overthrow festival at The Secret Society, PDX, OR (solo) 8pm set 21+
8/19 Vagabond Brewing, Salem, OR (solo)  8:30pm 21+
8/20 Private Party, Albany , OR
8/23 Thirsty Sasquatch, Vancouver, WA (solo) 8pm 21+
​8/27 Kells Irish Pub, PDX OR (SDDS!) 9:30pm 21+
9/1 Axe & Fiddle, Cottage grove, OR (solo) 8pm 21+
9/3 The Taproot Lounge and Cafe, Salem, OR (solo) 8pm 21+ 

9/4 Mystery Gallery, Milwaukie, OR (solo) 2:30pm all ages

9/7 Kenton Farmers Mkt (solo) 5:15pm ALL AGES
9/8 The Ship Tavern, Portland, OR 8pm (solo) 
9/9 Loowit Brewing, Vancouver, WA (solo) 7pm 21+

9/10 Magnolia, Portland, OR (solo) 7pm 
Belgrave Rooftop Deck - House Concert, Portland, OR (solo) 7pm  ALL AGES
9/22 Mock Crest  Tavern, Portland, OR (solo) 9:30pm 21+ 
9/24 7 Devils Brewing, Coos Bay, OR (solo) 7pm ALL AGES 
w/ Ky Burt (CD Release Party!) 9pm Set
​10/7 Vagabond Brewing, Salem, OR (solo) 8:30pm 
10/13 Thirsty Sasquatch, Vancouver, WA (solo) 8pm
​10/14  Trillium Cafe, Hood River, OR (solo) 9pm 
10/21 The Still, Albany, OR (solo) 8pm  

11/10 The Valley, Tacoma, WA (solo) 9pm 
11/11 The Uptown Pub, Port Townsend, WA (solo) 9pm 
12/1 Alberta Street Pub, Portland, OR 8:30pm Doors/9pm Show
"Flood You" Single Release full band show! 
Brad Parsons & The Local Talent//SAMDENSMOREDAMSENSMORE
12/2 The Brickhouse, Vancouver, WA

(solo) w/Laryssa Birdseye 
​12/3 The Taproot, Salem, OR (solo)

12/15 The Ship Tavern, Portland, OR
12/16 The Still, Albany, OR 
12/29 The Mock Crest Tavern, Portland, OR